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The making of the Living Room



This room wasn’t really supposed to be in the game to begin with. It’s a little bonus room I added because it gives a little lore and setting to the game, and because I had an extra journal entry I needed to put somewhere.

I wanted to create the room rather quickly, before I changed my mind, so I tried out a new method for making the backgrounds. I have worked with 3D quite a lot before (all the Stairs are originally 3D models, as well as the stretcher-thingy in the Laboratory) but I have never done it to this extent. For this room I have not only used 3D for the perspective but also for lighting and textures on the walls. The room even features 3D simulated cloth!

All in all it made the room very quick to finish. I actually started working today, and the whole thing has only taken a few hours. Painting the cloth by hand would have taken a long time, but simulating it in 3D was a piece of cake. The downside of this is of course that I am afraid it will look like a 3D render. It is important to me to make all the backgrounds look like 2D paintings. I have spent more time in Photoshop trying to hide the 3D than I spent building the 3D scene to begin with.

Being a bonus room it doesn’t have a lot of interactive content. But it does have a tine blood-splattered letter in the middle of the floor that looks very interesting…

Parallax background layers

Today’s good news is that I learned that Visionaire does have support for background layers scrolling at different speed for a depth effect, which is something I have wanted to do for this project. This discovery means I have to rethink the backgrounds a little bit, and cut the paintings in ways to make this work. So a lot of work for a really subtle effect, that is how things are done!