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Location preview: the Dinner Room




This room doesn’t have any puzzles or obstacles, but it offers some useful information. Many journal pages are found in here, and the portrait of Belladonna’s husband hangs on the wall.

It also has some neat features, such as a particle effect in the fireplace. Visionaire’s particle effect system is weird, so that’s actually a bit of a big deal. I’m also working on a system where the fireplace emits the sound of burning logs, and ideally make it so that the volume increases softly the closer the player character stands to the fire. Right now it’s a bit blocky, with a rectangular area in front of the fireplace that plays the sound at full strength if the character is standing inside it. If I want anything better than that I’m going to have to write actual code, so I will look into that.


Location preview: the Stairs




I realize you have already seen most of this in the screenshots I posted recently, but I’m trying to keep a tradition of making Location Previews, which are titillating but do not spoil any plot points or puzzles from the game.

This past week or so I have been working a lot with story and writing, but I do not have anything to show just yet. I am putting together a longer article about the ways in which I am designing the story and experience of this game, which I will publish before long.

Location preview: the Laboratory



All right, so first off here’s a location preview. This is the Laboratory, the very first room in which the game starts. This is where you wake up, recently brought back from the dead, with no prior memories or identity. Time to find clues as to who you are and what has happened to you!