Wednesday’s Report 9th of April


 This week in Belladonna

Okay, so you woke up in a laboratory and there is no one around to ask what the heck is going on. Lucky for you, the people involved in the events leading up to your peculiar predicament have been very thorough in their documentation of the process.

The game will have something like 16 letters, or diary pages, written by several different characters, and this is the very heart of the game. I am stretching my very modest literary muscles to the limit here, trying to produce a gripping and thought provoking story, and trying to do it in the style of a 19th century gothic horror story. I am even using direct quotes and phrases from M. Shelley’s Frankenstein novel, to set the mood.

Because I care so much about these letters, they are taking a long time to produce. A large part of the game is actually playable and functional by now, but it makes no sense to play it as the story, intended to be imbedded in the gameplay, is not yet implemented. This week I have made an effort to at least rig up the first seven letters of the game. Now around half the game can be played and made sense of.

This is good, because as soon as I get all the character animations in place, it is becoming time to start with game testing…