Wednesday’s Report 3rd of April


This week in Belladonna.

The idle animation of the player character has now been added into the game. This means an animated 3D character rendered in eight different angles!

So far there’s only the idle animation, and no walk-cycle. It looks really strange when she moves by gliding over the floor. That worked well with the primitive placeholder character I’ve been using, but with this final character you expect more. The walk animation is not finished yet, so we’re still waiting for that.

I am also not entirely satisfied with how it looks right now. A big problem I have is matching the perspective of the 3D renders to the 2D painted environments. Especially the blob shadow at her feet got a bit weird. I have a few other minor details I want to fix, which means I will have to render all the frames at least one more time.

Also, I intend to make her blink by simply painting eyelids on some of the frames. Let’s see how well that works…