Wednesday’s Report 26th of March



This week in Belladonna

I am battling a spring cold and fever, and the progress in Belladonna is slow. I have however added a handful of items since the last update.  This is a point-n-click adventure, and finding items to solve puzzles is a big part of the game.

In games such as Monkey Island the style of the puzzles is often to combine a rubber tire with a cactus to create an enormous slingshot, but Belladonna is a darker and more down to earth game. (It can still be funny at times, but the humour doesn’t lie in the absurdity of the puzzle solution.) In Belladonna I have tried to create puzzles that would naturally occur in an old haunted mansion.  This means a lot of locked doors, and admittedly a majority of the puzzles consist of finding the key to unlock them.

But fret not! There are other puzzles as well, and some might even have you re-evaluating your suspension of disbelief. But no cactus catapults, I’m afraid.