Wednesday’s Report 12th of February



This week in Belladonna

Main character animations

Though this is a 2D game I am creating a 3D model of the main character. The idea is to animate it and render the frames into 2D sprites, in order to avoid having to draw every single frame by hand in eight different angles.

When it comes to animations I have asked my friend Stina Boberg for help. She is a very good animator and I am excited to have her assistance in this endeavour. There is still a long way left until we have a finished character walking around in the game, especially the considering the time it will take for me to render all this and importing the frames correctly, but during this week we have started to really bite into the animation work.

Cat added into the game

On a related note, this is actually precisely what I have been working on myself. The cat model I mentioned a few weeks ago has now been rigged and skinned. There is indeed more than one way to skin a cat! With a proper rig I could animate the cat, render it just as planned and put inside the game.

The cat will wag its tail and play with a small object it has found somewhere. If you go near it, however, it will be very angry and aggressive, and it will not let you near its treasure.

Cats have always been thought of as having very keen senses when it comes to the supernatural, and this cat reacts strongly to the phenomena Prometeans the Created calls “Disquiet”. You are playing as a reanimated corpse, and the cat senses how your very existence is just fundamentally wrong.

The cat gives you a taste of how you will be met with nothing but hate from living creatures, but the question is; how will you handle that?