Character head 3D sculpt


The devblog has been quiet for a while, and I must admit that it is partly because I haven’t found much time to work lately. But it is also because I have been working on delicate, time consuming things. I have now officially started working on the 3D model that will be the player character.

It is just a head so for, but I will start working on the body momentarily. Because she is a re-animated Frankenstein, the seam between this bust and the rest of torso will be very natural. I will simply create a headless body and stitch this head onto it, and it will look just like it should!

This is a highpoly sculpt in Zbrush, which will then be made into a game model, animated and then pre-rendered and put in the 2D game. But before I do this I want to see if I am able to create a dress with cloth simulation. If I can do that, I will be able to make this character look just like I want her to.