Pre-production, Paper and Prototypes

A few day ago I learned that the Visionaire game engine is prone to crash and corrupt your project file. Ironically this is likely to happen if you spam Ctrl+S too quick, so if you are paranoid you might lose your work, chances are higher you will lose your work. Fortunately I did however not lose that much really. All art and text assets are saved in separate files, and what work I did lose I can re-create in a day or so. Note to self: re-think backup habits for this project.


Instead of re-building what I had, however, I chose to focus more on pre-production. I have created a paper prototype of the whole game, where all items are represented by small icons and all rooms are drawn on a big map. From this I have learned, for instance, that the game features at least 24 unique items, such as screwdrivers, bone saws, a bottle of milk that has frozen solid and so on. I say at least because there is still the so called Greenhouse Puzzle, which takes place in greenhouse, that I have yet to design – and that will probably need three or four items perhaps. I have also learned that that the player will have as many as six items in the inventory at once, not counting whatever items might be part of the elusive Greenhouse Puzzle. Will I have enough inventory slots on screen to support that? I better have!

The game features 9 different rooms, or locations, which was known before. But looking into a few other low budget point-and-click adventures I now have in mind to add about five or six “micro locations”, which are not complete rooms but rather zoom-ins on specific areas, such as inside a closet or on a bunch of stuff on top of a table. I do not yet know how to create these technically, and since they are dependent on a functional player character and working interface, which I had but no longer have, I am unable to test this presently! I am fairly confident this is do-able, though.